Hatice Ergitürk

Hello Gyno Life Team,

I am grateful to Dr. Hayat Izel and you. I will also be a mother soon. We did try many times for IVF and became exhausted. I will not write these one by one here. As our doctor Hayat says, “I will forget the past, and I will live with the dream of the coming days”. We have listened to our baby’s heartbeats, we cannot tell you how happy we were. We are now 3 people. Many thanks to everyone who has worked so hard.

I give my respect and love to all of you.

İ. Sacide Temizel

Success is team work. You have made our happiness. The care you have shown during my treatment, the attention and tenderness made me feel very special. You are all like selected people. Everybody knows their job very well and they work very professionally.

First of all, I would like to thank my dear doctor Munur and your entire team. I wish you continued success.

S. T.

Thank you so much for asking me to write my story on success stories.

We are a couple, who tried IVF 8 times, 5 times IUI, we are mentally worn out, financially exhausted in our 6-years of marriage. We came from Istanbul, and we’ve been to every clinic… This we said is the last address, and came to you. What can I tell you? Necessary and un-ncessary operations in the past causing my chance to decrease, hoping for pregnancy on the test dates and being let down each time? I am sure that what we have been through, those who have gone through this, will understand us much better. Everyone can be not be successful. In short, we came to you totally exhausted. We said this was the last resort, our last and final attempt. This “LAST” would determine the course of our life. Make sure that the day we learned that this “LAST” wlll be a “happy ending” for us could be a complete novel. That day we could not work, we could not concentrate on anything, we cried from happiness, we laughed, and again we cried. And that day we even forgot to eat. We cannot thank you enough. We would like to thank Dr. Murat, Nurse. Nevin and Mrs. Eldem.

By the way, I would recommend anyone to visit the Hotel where we stayed. The next time we will come for our holiday with our baby, and of course we will come and visit you also…

May all your wishes come true. We wish you continued success…

Hamide Volkan

First of all, I’d like to thank you all very much for this. I would also like to say that I am very happy to be your first patient. The importance is not that the center is new, but the team is experienced. I did not have any doubt that I had chosen the right place. I will share my happiness with you hopefully when I take my baby in my arms…

I would also like to thank Dr. Murat Önal for putting us at ease, and to the medical coordinator Nevin Celebi for her warmth and support and Arif who has saved us a great deal of stress arranging transport and accommodation.

During the time we have been in Cyprus, we have found ourselves in a family atmosphere and our treatment period, which was like a holiday, has been successfully completed.

Thank you very much…